Tuesday, August 09, 2005

05:06 pm
The sound board op for our One Act Play Festival is sick so guess who gets to fill in for her? Yours truly. I'm a little nervous but not as nervous as I'm going to be at the time of the performance. Mind you, I have never seen the plays or lil boosie, never read any of them, and only ran through the cues with the sound designer and sm a little bit earlier today. (I did run through it, so it isn't like I'm going in there completely blind) Fun fun. Wish me luck. :)

August 5th, 2005
04:15 pm
We had the once-a-year snow on Valentine's Day. It was beautiful. Up here it gets colder than near Austin so the snow stuck and was just gorgeous. I wish it would snow like that more often and am glad that it was just a little so that things didn't get too gross with slush and what-not. I had a nice Valentine's Day, even though Tom has a cold. We went to a planetarium, ate at Cracker Barrel (how romantic.....not really), and watched Lost in Translation. I wanted a Tip Drill like Nelly have a good day!


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